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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  February 15, 2015 2:05am-2:36am EST

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details about the charges and tonight route 100 remains closed between north ship road and shoen road. we'll continue to follow thisbacking story and bring you anyup dates as soon as we get more information. tonight we're continuing to track winter's latest blast. fast moving snow squalls made for a messy night tonight but it's what follows that's really causing major concerns. stormstorm scan3 at this hour shows the snow is moving out but now the winds are picking up and with that the dangerous cold is moving in. good evening everyone, i'm natasha brown. a high wind warning is in effect tonight. peco says it is mobilizing extra workers just in case widespread power outages become a concern. now, we have team three coverage tonight. let's start with meteorologist justin drabick tracking the dangerous cold heading our way. >> good evening, natasha that's right that arctic air starting to spill into the delaware valley as we speak. we have the arctic cold front moving through. most of the steady heavy snow has moved off shore but still some steadier snow around
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trenton and leftover snow showers from the city on north into bucks county. may pick up an additional coating or so but the majority of the accumulating snow will start to taper off from west to east. winds starting to kick up out of the west that will bring in that cold area particular air mass. through the overnight that snow will continue to taper. was out for areas of blowing snow. there will be lower visibility and slick roads. we're seeing a lot of roads covered as we picked up that quick 1 to 2 inches earlier this evening as that round of heavy snow moved n visibility looking better for the city, we're up to 7 miles. down a half mile in trenton and wilmington. this is much better than what it was a few hours ago. winter weather advisory remains in effect for the entire region. total accumulation of around 1 to 3 inches with what we have seen so far now just going to be dealing with blowing snow through the overnight hours. high wind warning will be in effect overnight until 2 o'clock tomorrow afternoon for the entire region. so watch out for those winds
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to gust to 50 maybe even 60 miles per hour through the overnight hours. obviously you want to secure loose objects around your home. potential for trees being knocked down that could lead to some scattered power outages. tomorrow afternoon with those strong winds and arctic air moving in a wind chill advisory will go into effect at 4 o'clock in the afternoon. talking about wind chill values around minus 10 to possibly minus 20 both on sunday morning and again monday morning. we'll talk about how long the cold lasts coming up in the full forecast in a few minutes. natasha we'll send it back to you. >> justin thanks. the dangerous cold is not putting the deep freeze on valentine's celebration tonight. salt trucks are working to keep the roads clear for all those out and about. "eyewitness news" reporter matt rivers has that past our team coverage. >> reporter: valentine's day and love park. okay perhaps a little cliche but definitely the spot to go to if you want to talk to couples. the park was damp and cold and at times snowy but nary a person we spoke to seemed to
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care. >> we were still coming regardless to eat stakes. >> got to celebrate the holiday, right. >> yeah. >> reporter: and some even preferred it. >> it's cute. i don't know, i just love the snow in general. >> reporter: does the snow add something or take something away from valentine's day. >> i personally love it. >> reporter: it didn't kill the romantic buzz across the street. ice skaters hand in hand at dillworth plaza. many came from the suburbs hadn't a smooth drive thanks to these guys, pen to the truck drivers their valentine's day rather salty. >> we'll be salting the highway. depending upon how long it lasts matt will depend whether we need to put plows down on the pavement to move snow off the roadway. their work got good reviews. how are the roads. >> fine no problem. >> reporter: a bit he's yeser to brave the cold on a romantic night. >> do you think the roman hurts the weather. >> definitely. >> reporter: as temperatures continue to drop pen to the says they're worried about roads freezing. that said winds will pick up.
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penndot expects the winds to help dry off the roads before they have a chance to freeze. makes they're job a little easier. nearly center city, matt rivers, cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> you can stay one step a hester winter weather with the seeps fill weather app. check live radar. you can get weather alerts when issued an lot more. download the app now on itunes and google play. for the forth time in less than month a major storm is expected to dump as much as 2 feet of snow in parts of new england. whipping winds are expected to create whiteout areas. the area has already seen as much as 6 feet of snow this winter. we'll have much more from boston in the newscast. police say one person was killed two others wounded in a shooting near a synagogue in copenhagen denmark. it was the second such incident that took place in that city today. earlier a shooting at a cafe killed one person and injured two other officers. it's still unclear whether
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these two incidents are connected. denmark's prime minister did speak about the first shooting >> denmark has been hit by a very serious act of violence tonight. we feel certain now that it is a politically motivated attack and there by it is a terrorist attack. >> the cafe was playing host to a free speech forum hosted by lars vilks. he's the swedish cartoonist who has received death threats for his portrayal of the prophet mohammed. police foiled a valentine's attack in nova scotia. three people planned to kill as many people as they could before taking their own lives a woman from illinois and a man from nova scotia were both arrested at the halifax airport friday. the third suspect killed himself after police surrounded his halifax home. police say the plot is not linked to terrorism. and a police officer in bucks county is recovering tonight after investigators
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says he shot a suspected car thief who tried to run him over. morrisville's police chief tells "eyewitness news" news reporter steve patterson this could have all been prevented. >> this has to stop and this is something that's all across the county, it's all across jersey and it puts my officers in danger and i'm really upset about that. >> reporter: morrisville police chief george mcclay isn't talking about the suspect who tried to run over one of his best officers with this stolen vehicle. he's talking about how that vehicle was stolen in the first place. >> problem is this is a vehicle that was stolen four days ago out of bristol township. it was left running in the morning time with the keys in it. >> reporter: the chief says this car swiped because of cold weather inconvenience almost ended up becoming a deadly weapon. this weekend a rude awakening. >> when you're woken up at 5:30 in the morning by police radio telling you one of your officers is involved in a shooting your stomach rolls. >> reporter: police say the officer was responding to a routine traffic stop early saturday morning at this
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7-eleven in morrisville when he ran the plates and the vehicle came back stolen, the officer approached. that's the moment the chief says it turned violent. >> the defendant throws the car in reverse striking the police vehicle and as the officer tries to stop as he's yelling at him at point of gun the car hits the officer officer fires two shots into the side of the driver's vehicle striking the defendant. >> reporter: the suspect shot once in the chest drives a mile and a half from the center of morrisville to a guardrail near route 1 in falls township. police arrest and transport the man to an area hospital after he veers into this embankment. the suspect is in critical condition. the officer is in good condition with an arm injury and is expected to fully recover. >> he's shaken up. obviously he's upset at having to discharge his weapon but he's in good shape. he's a good officer. >> reporter: in morrisville steve patterson cbs3 "eyewitness news."
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>> a kerosene heater may have helped to fuel a deadly fire in southwest philadelphia. fired firefighters found 56-year-old eric brockenboro dead in an upstairs hallway. authorities are reminding residents to fill those kerosene heaters up outside and leave plenty of space around space heaters. the official cause of this fire is still under investigation. tonight a funeral service was held today for a millersville university student who was beaten and strangled in her lancaster county dorm room. karlie hall of chadds ford was 18 years old. university bussed students to her funeral in kennett square. hall's boyfriend gregorio orrostieta is charged in connection with her death. police say hall was arguing with him at the time before it turned physical last sunday. camden police wants your help in tracking down a pair of armed robbery suspects. officers say these men here held up a victim on january 30th at the corner of
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somerset and raritan streets. they allegedly pointed a gun at the man who was on his bike and took cash. this surveillance video was recorded at the luk-oil gas station on admiral wilson boulevard shortly before the crime took place. >> now, we are bracing for wicked wind chills, some of the coldest weather this winter is heading our way. meteorologist justin drabick he's tracking just how cold it's going get. justin. >> that's right, natasha the snow has come to an end. now we're talking about dangerous cold and wind chills along with those destructive winds possibly. details coming up. >> plus who says it's not beach weather. we're going to tell you why these brave souls went running right into the atlantic ocean. and love not food was the focus today at philadelphia's reading terminal market. how couples made this valentine's day one to remember. also, straight ahead in sports villanova way huge win today against butler. lesley van arsdale has highlights from the fantastic
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>> got a story you would like us to investigate? e-mail your ideas to i-team at >> ♪ >> well, today pope francis appointed 20 new cardinals to oversee the catholic church. most of the cardinals are not from europe or the u.s. five of 20 will not be voting. analysts say this is part of the pontiff's top to bottom
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reform of the church with the goal of diversity and inclusiveness. today marks one year since icy conditions caused a major pileup on the pennsylvania turnpike. as many as a hundred cars and trucks were involved in this crash. this mess spanned for several miles. officials shut down the turnpike between willow grove and bensalem for most of the day and 30 people were injured. now, this is round three meantime for boston, massachusetts. there's another snowstorm heading for new england and the worst part about this is there is nowhere left to put the snow. here is cbs news correspondent jericka duncan. >> reporter: another major storm system is pushing its way from the midwest to the northeast bringing heavy snow and powerful winds. >> it's too much snowism ohio, whiteout conditions are to plame for a 30 car pileup on the ohio turnpike that killed a pregnant woman near sandusky. cars and trucks are also sliding off the interstates in indiana and right behind all
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of the snow, blistering cold. temperatures are expected to dip well below zero from michigan to maine. new england is bracing for at least another footer of snow blizzard conditions and possible coastal flooding again. >> you can almost guarantee a story. boston has seen 80-inches of snow so far this winter and a fourth major storm is taking aim at this region. >> i mean, we have been and will continue to be clearing snow and removing snow and melting snow and disposing of snow. >> reporter: there's so much snow in boston that they don't know where to put it. the mayor says he'll dump it into boston harbor only as a last resort. crews and equipment from six states and national guard are in massachusetts to help remove the snow. jericka duncan, for cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> well, you know it's cold out, it's snowy so what better time to take polar plunge.
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"eyewitness news" in sea isle city for the annual polar bear weekend. thousands ran right into the atlantic session. it makes you want to shiver, right, justin, just thinking about this? >> honestly it was a great cause and it was the worst year i've had in like five years. one year there's snow on the ground and this has literally been the worst year. our feet are frozen but it's for a good cause so we did it again. >> every year tens of thousands head down the shore this weekend in february. there's a full slate of events including a run/walk for autism awareness also a vendor's market an free concert. how cold was that water justin? >> you know the water temperature actually in the mid 30's. it actually was warmer than the air temperature today but that's going to be a different story tomorrow. nasty wind chills as a true arctic air mass spills in. starting to see cold air mass moving in towards chester county, already temperatures dropping into the teens but let's talk about how much snow we saw this evening.
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again amounts were up to around 3-inch os are so or just over that. somerdale new jersey checked in with 3.3-inches. in southampton new jersey douglas 3.2. stuck in one of those heavier snow bands. marshalton delaware 3-inches, three imps reported in bernville pennsylvania as well assailers burg. chuck in perkasie also at 3-inches. gary in landenberg 2.2 2-inches in burlington township even quakertown picking up 2-inches of snow. as that burst of heavy snow that came through during the evening hours, now a lot of that snow is starting to move off shore, at least the steady heavy snow. the winds are starting to ping. middletown delaware winds at 37 miles per hour, up in bernville 29, 29 in landenberg. this is the true arctic air building n let's take you outside right now. live look at center city where it looks like we have some light snow trying to pick back up across center city. we had a little dusting of snow out on the roads. but so just keep in mind slow
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it down heading out through the overnight hours and the winds are going to be kicking up so you may deal with areas of blowing storm. storm scan3 you can see the steady heavy snow as moved off shore for the most part but still some lighter snow breaking out once again near philadelphia and down towards delaware county that extends up into trenton as well. we'll zoom in a little bit closer here. you can see the darker purples northern ocean county, even around the city brief burst of heavier? snow possible in the next few minutes as well towards southern delaware county into parts of gloucester county as well. there could be another brief coating in isn't spots through the next hour or two. temperatures starting to drop. 26 at the airport. tw nun allentown, 11 in mount pocono, 14 in lancaster. look at that arctic air just off to our west. 4 degrees in buffalo, five in pittsburgh and state college and that is any other factoring in the wind. this is wait does feel like right now. wind chills down to 12 for philadelphia the, one in wilmington, it already feels like minus two in reading.
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arctic cold front moves on through. the core of the cold air settles in for sunday and monday. we're talking about temperatures a good 15 to 25 degrees below average. the highs are going to struggle to get out of the teens. then its not even factoring in the wind. precipitation wise though tomorrow we're looking good. it's dry. you'll see the sunshine back out but that's not going to help temperatures much. through the afternoon we'll go mostly sunny. into president's day still dry, maybe a few afternoon clouds will start to build in during the day but the wind energy moves through overnight and again it's overnight early tomorrow morning we'll see the highest winds gusting over 40 miles per hour here for philadelphia maybe even near 50 towards the shore. that gusty wind continues into the morning. it gets a little bit better by tomorrow afternoon but still strong wind gusts over 30 miles per hour at times. so, this is what it does for the wind chills. tomorrow morning you'll wake up, it will feel like close to minus 15 around the city to near minus 30 up in the mountains. gets a little better in the afternoon but looks like most of our wind chills stay
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below zero throughout the day on sunday and here we go monday morning president's morning, still very cold. it will feel like minus 15 around the city once again. so overnight that snow will come to an end turns very windy, cold, 16 for the actual temperature but the winds will make it feel much colder than that. wind continues sunday. sustained 25 to 35 miles per hour with higher gusts. high temperature up around 18 degrees. and monday morning, that's going to be our coldest time period. record low temperature potential. two is the record for that morning. that is our forecast. we could tie that. that was set back in 1888 and again with the morning wind chills it could feel like minus 15. here's the extended forecast. doesn't get much better through the week. we may make it to 30 on wednesday. there could be snow later tuesday night into wednesday morning and by the end of the week still stays cold. high temperatures in the 20's with wind as well. so, we are just watching the cold weather pattern for the mid part of the month. >> i'm still stuck on you said minus 15. >> yeah, with the wind chill values. >> i didn't hear anything
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after. >> 30 looks great. >> right. >> oh, boy come on 30. lesley's got sports highlights. >> a full dave college basketball today including villanova looking to take control of the conference race with a win over butler. this one very close. could they h
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>> tough test for villanova taking on rival butler. this game pretty much back forth all night. butler's barlow nailing this 3-pointer. butler up by one. nova would retake the lead but with 17 seconds left on the clock roosevelt jones making the lay up. that ties the game at 65. okay, no timeouts left. villanova with one last chance. ryan arcidiacono finds a wide opened darrun hilliard. he's able to drain the three.
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only one second left on the clock. hilliard with a huge game, 31 points. yes, the bench is a little bit excited. villanova wins 68 to 65. ecu visiting temple. owls have been on a tear lately winning six straight. jessie morgan with the three. he had 14 points on the night. but this one was the will cummings show. after the miss and then a scramble in front of the net here, the ball ends up with cummings and he gets the lay in. then it's cummings again offer the long rebound. he goes coast to coast. game high 17 and temple wins 56 to 53. davidson visiting lasalle this afternoon. steve zach gets the bucket. that's two of his 11 points. little too much for the explorers. oscar mickleson drains the three and davidson wins 77 to 69. brown visiting penn at the palestra. live drive by penn's mike auguster. he finished with six points on the night. brown with a strong game
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especially from three-point land. they shot over 50 percent from beyond the arc. jr hobby nails the three here. brown will wip 71 to 55. highlight of the all-star weekend for the nba always that slam dunk contest and tonight no different. if you didn't know who zach levine was before tonight you're going to know now. the timberwolves rookie put on quite a show, the first time dunk a perfect score, second dunk also a perfect score. yeah that's pretty good. he goes on to win the slam dunk contest there. flyers with the night off. they'll take on the sabres tomorrow night in buffalo. flyers with the minor move today sending scott laughton back to the ahl. raffl returning after missing seven games. fans want to see some of the celebrities playing in the tournament like this guy jim furyk looking for birdie on the 16th hole drops the putt. he will be in contention
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tomorrow for the final round of the at&t pebble beach national pro am which you can see right here on cbs3. we'll be right back.
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>> ♪ >> welcome back everyone. love is in the air at the reading terminal market this valentine's day. >> you may kiss the bride.
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congratulations. (applause). >> common pleas court judge jeffrey mineheart married six couple at the market in center city today. following the ceremony the newlywed couples were treated to a complimentary dessert reception. valentine's day takes on a whole new meaning for these couples. >> very special to everybody. >> it's valentine's day and it will be special now. i'll be hype and happy like everybody else. >> the start of a new life. i'm a little nervous. >> this annual tradition of valentine's day weddings at the reading terminal market started back in 2002. congratulati
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>> justin so another snow squall is moving through. >> yeah, another batch of light snow breaking out over the city right now but the
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heavy stuff as moved off shore. still this could drop another quick coating in some spots over the next hour or two. be careful driving overnight. watch out for reduced visibility and speed restrictions on area bridges down to 25 miles per hour because the winds are gusting around 40 miles per hour at times in some spots. watch out for areas of blowing snow. again we're talking about wind chill values down possibly as low as minus 15 tomorrow morning and again on monday morning. so true arctic air is settling in for the next couple of days. >> you can hear me and lesley gasping. >> everybody is. >> thank you justin. stay warm tomorrow. that will do it for us. i'm natasha brown. for lesley, justin, we appreciate you with us. if you're up early our morning team starts at 6:00 a.m. we're always on blue bloods is up next. have a great night everyone. >> ♪
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